Top Soil, Compost & Manure


Top Soil is dark in appearance. It is nutrient – dense and helps to enrich overall soil quality. It can be used as a dressing prior to laying down sod or blended to create a planting bed for vegetables, herbs or plants. Due to its unique composition, top soil is ideal for drainage. Generally, this layer of soil has the highest concentration of microorganisms and other organic material.

Price: $6.50 per yard. ALL LOADS ARE A 10 CUBIC YARD MINIMUM.


Cow manure fertilizer in all forms are a good addition to the vegetable garden. However, the nutrient value does differ greatly. Enzymes contribute to faster heating of the manure which accelerates the decomposition of organic materials by the soil microorganisms. The result of better decomposition of organic material is faster nutrient release to the plant.

Cow manure is the ‘coldest’; that is, the least Nitrogen rich. But that’s not a bad thing; too much Nitrogen gives you big plants with few to no fruits and flowers. And cow manure is the most balanced of the barnyard manures, making it very appropriate for all garden uses.

Price: $15.00 per yard. ALL LOADS ARE A 10 CUBIC YARD MINIMUM.


The secret to an effective compost is its microorganisms. A compost that is rich in microorganisms will encourage nature to work for you. Soils that have been enriched with compost will allow earthworms and other beneficial creatures to flourish. The activity of these creatures helps release essential nutrients into the soil, which strengthens plants and increases their resistance to disease.  Compost improves the structure of sandy soils and clay soils. The organic matter helps to break up the heavier materials, which makes the soil lighter and assists in drainage. The improved structure of compost-enriched soils provides excellent growing conditions and helps to quickly establish new shrubs, plants, and turf. 

Price: $15.00 per yard. ALL LOADS ARE A 10 CUBIC YARD MINIMUM.

We offer a wide range of top quality soils. From fill dirt, top soils to compost. WE GOT YOU COVERED! We take in wood/yard waste as well as provide trucking for product at a responsible prices!
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